The future belongs to the innovators

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Bring the future forward

Your future depends on turning the most demanding business problems into solutions that create extraordinary value for your customers.

innovation applied

Fast-track innovation

Assurity Lab is focused on 'hacking' and accelerating potential future opportunities with our customers. In doing this, we help them see if their strategy, products and services are destined to succeed in the real world.

solving real-world problems

Designing the future of personal fitness

Les Mills On Demand

Les Mills pride themselves on being at the leading edge of the fitness world. They briefed us to help them understand how people use technology to achieve their fitness goals and rapid prototype features to transform their user experience.

innovation applied

From problems to products. At speed

Experiencing a unique fusion of user experience research and digital development that explores, assesses and validates the potential of future initiatives.

innovation applied

It's better to disrupt than be disrupted

We solve problems at speed so you can become the disruptor. Our three-phase innovation process effectively de-risks your strategy and allows you to focus on what really matters. User experience. Alpha experiment. Beta build.

solving real-world problems

An urban safari

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo needed a way to prioritise their initiatives. We created a detailed customer experience map capturing the highs and lows of a Zoo visit. It became clear that animal encounters are key to a memorable visit. Our challenge was to create a way to deliver the right information, at the right time, to guide customers through their visit.


Three-phase innovation process

Reframe big problems into strategic opportunities. Rapidly reimagine opportunities into game-changing innovative solutions.

Phase 1       

UX research

Design & define

We use ethnography to study end users and observe the real problems they're trying to solve.

Phase 2       


Create & learn

A series of rapid experiments designed to flush out early failure and increase the probability of commercial success.

Phase 3       


Build to deploy

We constrain ourselves to your tools and technologies to develop practical solutions that work in the real world.

Familiar innovation challenges. Solved

Our innovation skill sets


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New Thinking

New Thinking

Open your eyes to accessibility

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day and, as an accessibility advocate, I've tried to help raise awareness over the last few...


Simon Holbrook

Head of Design and Innovation