Terms of use

When you tick the box saying you've read and accept these Terms of Enrolment, you're confirming that you want to join the crowd we’re forming to help NZ organisations get feedback from users like you.

We all regularly tick boxes like this, often without actually reading them. It is very important though that you understand a little about us, what we're offering and who you need to be – and what you need to do and not do – to be part of the crowd. It's also important that you understand what data we collect, who we share it with and how we keep it safe.


What am I actually enroling for?

You're enroling to join the Assurity crowd – a New Zealand crowd. If your enrolment is accepted, you will get offered paid opportunities to test applications and websites that people like you use in New Zealand every day.

These opportunities will come in different formats as different outcomes are required. Some will require certain devices and set ups. Some will require testing experience. Some will require certain demographics. Some will be paid based on doing a task and others on finding problems.

An opportunity to earn money, learn skills and gain experience

Technology is rapidly changing everything and crowd testing is an example of this. As you will have read on the Assurity website, crowd testing is an opportunity – but one few of us are used to. We can promise that it’s an equitable opportunity to earn money and learn new skills and experience that is very relevant in the ever-growing digital workplace. In the words of Dr Seuss, “Oh the places you’ll go”.

It's not an offer of employment

This is not an employment offer so you will not become an employee. You’re responsible for your own tax which you legally need to disclose in your IR3 Tax Return.

It's flexible

Most opportunities will involve a few hours’ work which can be done anytime, anywhere, within a few days of assignment.

It's on your devices

You supply the devices you do the testing on. No drama as you already own them.

You will be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to work

Not available this time? No worries.

Level up!

Your reputation will precede you. Doing testing and doing it well will result in you levelling up! Higher levels will result in first dibs on certain opportunities and other benefits too.


About you

The most important thing about you is that you’re you.

You're the person you've entered details for

Not a robot, an algorithm, your cousin or anyone else other than who your legal identity says you are. We might require additional proof of identity and proof of address.

You're not a spy!

Spies will be shot! Seriously though, you do not work for a competitor of Assurity Consulting Limited or a company doing work on behalf of one of Assurity’s competitors.

You're a local

To join and be one of the Assurity crowd, you need to physically reside in New Zealand, have an IRD number and be a tax resident here.

You're here to test

The purpose of you enroling is to have the opportunity to test and receive the benefits of that testing. If you’re here for some other purpose, then you must not enrol.

You're human and make the odd mistake :(

We expect you to put in as much as is required and complete opportunities as instructed. We understand you may make the odd mistake, but if mistakes are recurring, we feel you've not taken the time to read the instructions properly or that you’re not taking it seriously, then payment can be withheld in part or in total.

About the organisation you'll be testing for

One of the great things about crowd testing is you'll be helping New Zealand organisations improve. You'll help big organisations – government departments and blue chips. You'll help small companies too, including start-ups and not-for-profits.

They value their privacy

Like you, the organisations you will be testing for value their privacy. You will be privy to information that isn't public – so don't make it public. We've vouched for you, so help us by keeping it private.

Some assignments will require you to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). These are very common contracts but, if you're uncomfortable signing them, say no to the work.


About us

We're the matchmaker! We work to match you and the rest of the crowd with the organisations that require your feedback.

We're fair, inclusive and celebrate diversity

If you think we're not being so, contact us and we'll look into it.

We want this to work for you

If we don't have a happy crowd, it won’t work. We've put a lot into making it work for you. If you've got ideas on how to make it work better or if it isn't working for you, tell us.

We're a New Zealand company that’s committed to New Zealand

As such, the Assurity Crowd Testing service operates under NZ law. Be aware though that some of our partners operate under the laws of other countries.

We partner with other companies to do the testing

We use partners to deliver parts of the Crowd service. When using the services of these partners, you will have to agree to their terms and services.

We're moving fast and change is likely

Be part of the crowd long enough and you'll see plenty of changes that improve the operation and delivery of the service for all parties – you, us and the organisations. All changes we make will be done taking the following into account – consideration of fairness, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, making it work for you and our commitment to NZ.

We're human and we make the odd mistake :(

You might see incorrect information, old information, a late payment. 


How we keep that data safe

We're aware that your privacy is incredibly important and that you trust us implicitly when sharing your data with us. To this end, we promise to do our utmost to keep it safe.

The data is held on a secure platform

We store all your data on HubSpot CRM. Read this page to see their commitment to data security.

Only a small team at Assurity have access to this

It's no use building Fort Knox if you then give everybody a key. The data we store on HubSpot CRM can only be accessed by a very small team at Assurity Crowd and we will keep it that way.

Strict policies and procedures to ensure your data is correctly handled

We have strict protocols and procedures in place to ensure that your data is not copied from HubSpot CRM to an unsecured location or disclosed to a third party. 


What data will we share with you?

Quid pro quo. You've shared with us and we'll share with you.

All the data we collect about you

If you want to see what data we've captured about you, then we'll share it with you.

A ‘CV’ of the assignments you have worked on

When you work with the Assurity Crowd, you enter a digital workplace and we hope the experience helps when you're applying for other work or needing to show practical experience. We are happy to supply you with a resume of the work you've done with us.


What data will we share with the organisations?

The data we share with clients and potential clients is never personally identifying. We may share information that includes non-identifying data. An example of this would be telling a client that we have 15 testers from Westport.

Sometimes a client will need to know who you are before you can do an assignment for them. We would always ask you first before sharing any personally identifying information or contact details and, if you say no, then that’s the end of it. An example of a situation like this would be if a client requires you to sign an NDA.


What data will we collect?

We collect some data about you to help match you with the right assignments and to keep track of the work you've done.

Enrolment data

Enrolment data is the data you entered on the form when you signed up.

Assignment data

Assignment data is the data.

Level up! data

As mentioned earlier, we keep a piece of data that we call ‘Level Up!’ which we maintain. Do more testing and doing it well will mean you continue to level up!

We may ask for additional identity information

Sometimes we will require further proof of identity. This is most likely to be a New Zealand legal photo ID such as a passport and an official letter with your name and address. Please don't take offence when we ask for it.


We'll say goodbye to you when…

Good things don't last forever and sometimes we have to say goodbye. Please understand this important possibility.

When you want to leave

Tell us and it will be done. We'll never darken your metaphorical door again.

When we feel you have been inactive

To keep the crowd manageable, we'll archive inactive crowd members. If you say no or don’t respond to enough invites, we'll take the hint.

When we feel you're misbehaved

If we feel you have trolled, harassed, threatened or hated, you'll be removed immediately from the crowd and civil and legal action will be considered. Assurity and the Assurity Crowd is inclusive and supportive. If you feel you can't behave in this manner, then this is not the place for you.

If we feel you have lied about your work, taken shortcuts that could have reduced quality, tried to game, or had someone other than yourself do your work, then you'll be removed immediately from the Crowd and civil and legal action considered. Assurity and the Assurity Crowd is diligent and produces quality work.

When we feel you have betrayed confidentiality

For Crowd to work, we need to keep confidences and we need to impress on you how important this is. If you break ours, that of an organisation you've tested for or are testing for, or that of a fellow cloud tester, then we'll have to say goodbye and you'll never test for us again. Depending on the situation, this may include legal action, civil or criminal. We cannot impress enough how important this is. Unsure? Ask.

When we feel you've used Assurity Crowd for anything other than testing

We're all about testing. Before you click/copy/press ‘enter’, it’s important to ask yourself “Is this action about testing and the testing community?”. If it is, then great! Share and chat. But if it’s about dating, recruitment, political or social campaigns, whether your fellow testers ‘will freak out when they finally see it’, then best share it somewhere else. Keep forgetting that and we'll have to say goodbye.