Test your products, real fast, with real users

Crowd Sourcing allows organisations like yours to rapidly test the digital solutions they're delivering. By closing the feedback loop with people who are like your customers – and who use the same devices – you'll get closer to the truth about the experiences your customers really want and need. Get the timely insights you need...

Engage the crowd

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Why you should use our crowd

In the Digital Age, you need to adopt new practices to ensure quality at cost and pace when the user is the customer. Crowd is a proven way to augment your test strategies for this.

Diversity of feedback
Avoid group thinking by listening to the crowd. The more customers that test, the greater the breadth and quality of feedback.
Blind spots
Eliminate ‘blind spots’
Your systems expand exponentially beyond your firewall. Crowd can quickly shine a light on problems across devices, operating systems, networks and security that in-house and outsourced teams cannot.
Outstanding value
Digital changes everything… except budgets and deadlines. Using the crowd is the fastest, most easily scalable and highly cost-effective way of getting crucial information about your products.

How it works for clients

Contact us
Contact us and tell us your requirements
We’ll work with you to develop the right crowd test:
  • Empathise – Discover who your users are and what are their thoughts
  • Ideas Test – Find out what your users think of your ideas for digital product and your value propositions
  • Product Test – Do your digital products work for your users, in their location, on their devices?
Choose between ‘testing in-the-wild’ or ‘testing in-the-workshop’
We do the rest
We’ll do the rest
We’ll engage the crowd, get them across our testing platform and deliver feedback fast to you

“Define in days,
run in days, feedback in days”

Join our crowd

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Why you should join the crowd

You’re the customer of every app and website you use. And only you really know how they can be improved. The makers of those apps need your feedback fast – they need the crowd. They need you.

Flexible working
You choose to work on a project and you choose within a given deadline when to work on that project. It’s easy to fit Crowd engagements around other commitments.
Equitable and fair reward
While assignments can differ in how they are rewarded, every crowd member performing the assignment will get remunerated at a fair NZ rate for their efforts, with extra effort attracting extra rewards.
No prior experience required
You’ll get great guidance on every engagement. The greatest reward to you is likely to be the new experience and skills gained while working with some of New Zealand's biggest organisations.
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How it works for the crowd

Join up
Join up – it’s easy
We’ll invite you to engage on a client project to perform specific assignments
Get Paid
On satisfactory completion of your assignments, you get paid
Great work will build your reputation
The better your reputation, the more work you’ll be offered
Be part of a New Zealand community of fellow crowd testers

“We’re forming NZ’s first
crowd. Join now”


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